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No matter how perfect you are at communicating or how perfect your product is; as your business or influence grows you attract more people and therefore you are more likely to run into a keyboard warrior. 
This is a hard one - but you know what; if you try to see things from their perspective, it does NOT mean you have to agree. It will help you in your reply 
It's easy to feel the need to defend yourself However, when it comes to the internet; it is better to keep calm. 
With 'do not engage' I am not saying ignore it completely (although - why not?!) but if you feel the totally understandable need to reply then do it with grace and avoid ANY words which could be interpreted as an attack. 
Rant and rave to the people around you about it but online to the person OR talking ABOUT the person in groups; stay calm 
Some people just WANT drama, they need it in their life. So no matter how calm and collected you respond they will take their response overboard no matter what. 
With organic reach dropping from business pages and companies beginning to panic about reaching customers we ask has Facebook damaged your business leads? Have your enquiries dropped and has it affected your use of the social network? 
Firstly, as a business you cannot afford not to be on Facebook. The statistics don’t lie. Facebook has 2 billion active users every month and 70% of customers hear about a new business first on the social network. 60% of people polled on Facebook said they would visit a FB business page before the business bricks and mortar location with 80% more likely to buy if you have a positive Facebook presence 
So what can you do in your business to make effective use of Facebook? 
Many businesses create a Facebook page in the hope of leveraging a large amount of engagement which will drive leads, referrals and ultimately sales. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work, and with organic reach sitting at an all-time low of around 2%, many business owner’s pages fail and they stop posting valuable content. Facebook’s push towards a more social experience for users has meant that the main benefit of a business page is the ability to run paid ads which will put your sales message directly in front of your target audience. Without an advertising budget the majority of Facebook business pages fail to engage with consumers and end up abandoning Facebook all together 
So should we just give up or is there another option? 
Running Facebook ads can be a minefield and it is essential that you get it right to ensure you don't burn the budget and waste your hard earned money. 
One of the first things you need to decide when launching a campaing is what objective you want to achieve from the advert. 
Without knowing your end goal you will find it difficult to create the right campaign to ensure your ideal customers talk the actions you wish them to take. 
It’s now more important than ever to ensure you have a social media presence for your business. The business world has changed and online activity is more important than ever. 
Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users and over 1.8 billion of those are active on Facebook every single day. With this in mind I still get told that “Facebook doesn’t work for B2B businesses”. With 80 million small-medium sized businesses on Facebook (an increase of 23% year on year) and 6 million of those choosing to advertise on the platform - there certainly is a big reason to choose Facebook as one of your marketing channels 
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